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Measuring your Motorhome

measuring your motorhome

How to Measure your Motorhome Windscreen

Motorhome Heroes is your first-choice windscreen replacement specialists and to help us identify the correct glass for your vehicle, we are going to need some measurements. Please see guides how to Measure your Motorhome Windscreen.

Measure your Windscreen

Measure the distance from the top edge of the windscreen to the bottom edge of the windscreen in the centre. This will give you the height of the windscreen.

Measure the distance from the left side of the windscreen to the right side of the windscreen just above your windscreen wipers (approx. 10cm up from the bottom of the windscreen). This will give you the width of the windscreen at the bottom.

It’s important to measure your windscreen accurately to ensure that you order the correct size replacement windscreen.

The team of skilled technicians at Motorhome Heroes can replace your motorhome windscreen on-site, at a time and location that suits you.

By replacing your windscreen, you can ensure your safety, comply with regulations, improve aesthetics, enhance fuel economy (please remove as inaccurate/not true) and enjoy peace of mind while traveling.

  • Submit your enquiry by telephone or submit enquiry form
  • Our team will get in touch and organise the Windscreen / Bodyglass work
  • Your Motorhome Windscreen or Glass Repair will be scheduled
  • Our technicians will come to you anywhere in mainland UK

Make sure to provide the make and model of your motorhome, as well as the year and our dedicated team will take care of all your requirements.

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Windscreen without moulding

windscreen guide
  1. Measure horizontally across width of windscreen from edge of glass to edge of glass (y-axis)
  2. Measure vertically depth of windscreen from top edge of glass to bottom edge of glass (x-axis)
  3. Provide Kitemark (Usually found in the bottom corner)
  4. Provide your make and model of your motorhome
  5. Provide year of manufacture

Windscreen with moulding

windscreen without moulding
  1. Measure horizontally across width of windscreen from centre of moulding on both sides of glass (y-axis)
  2. Measure vertically depth of windscreen from centre of moulding from top to bottom (x-axis)
  3. Provide Kitemark (this will be on bottom right corner)
  4. Provide your Make, Model of Motorhome
  5. Provide year on manufacture

Windscreen with Pillars

windscreen with pillars
  1. If your windscreen has pillars then just provide “Height” measurement

Kitemark Position

kitemark position

On most Motorhome windscreens, Kitemark is located bottom right

Kitemark / Split Windscreen

kitemark split windscreen

On Split windscreens it’s found bottom centre of the windscreen as shown below

Supply Photo

how to supply motorhome photo

When providing a photo of front windscreen or side bodyglass the photo MUST include ground to above top of motorhome. Ensure the complete front of side view is included.

Nationwide Support

We will come to your home or location anywhere in England, Scotland & Wales

How do I submit my Motorhome requirements?
Simply fill out our enquiry form or give us a call on 0800 028 4484 and one of our team will be happy to help.
All your insurance problems solved
We work closely with Insurance brokers to help arrange your glass replacement. To check if we can liaise with your insurance, please contact us.
How to measure your Windscreen or Bodyglass
This is not as scary as it seems! Simply follow the guides on our measurements page. If you have any queries, then we can give you advice over the phone.
We specialise in American Motorhomes
We know these high-calibre, specialist vehicles require expert knowledge and skill to carry out glass replacement. Our team has both the knowledge and experience to put your mind at ease whilst we organise and carry out your replacement.
Specilaist fabrication of Windows and Rooflights
Struggling to find the glass required for your vehicle? We can help! Have you been told your glass has become obsolete (no longer made) All hope is not lost, we may have the option to have it manufactured.
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